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An aftershock is a smaller earthquake following the main shock of a large earthquake. In more general terms it is the after effect of a distressing event. There are a lot of similarities between this concept and physical exercise. The first and more obvious comparison is the physical component of a training program. When we think of starting an exercise regimen, the main thing that comes to our minds is the physical activity. The push-ups, the weightlifting, the running, the bike riding, whatever other physical activity comes to mind. We exercise, we get our bodies moving, we burn the calories, and we start to see progress towards achieving our health and fitness goals. But the physical component is only the beginning. The physical exercise is the initial, larger earthquake. What comes later, the aftershock, is the mental component. When we commit to an exercise regimen we develop our bodies but with consistency over time we begin to develop our minds. The human mind wants you to be comfortable. There is nothing wrong with this; we need comfort in our lives to rest and recover so when it comes time to perform we are ready. Unfortunately growth and development do not happen when we are comfortable (the 'comfort zone').  In order to grow and develop we need to leave the comfort zone and challenge ourselves physically and mentally. We are all physically capable of great things but a lot of the time never explore how far we can push ourselves because our minds stop us far before we reach our physical limits. Health and fitness is a mental journey just as much as it is a physical one. Once we learn how to control our minds and be more comfortable being uncomfortable, the physical and mental growth is inevitable. Let's work together on this journey to grow not only physically but also mentally and experience the positive aftershock of your training.

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